Get On Track

Turn your good intentions, into clear achievable goals, once and for all.

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Start the process of getting yourself on TRACK before you get to the workshop. Over the next 3 min you will understand the power of INSPIRATION vs MOTIVATION, and why so many fail because they don't know the difference.

Ever set a goal before and not achieved it?

It's happened to me. Then I learnt the SECRET. You see people who are successful in life, whether its in their relationships, health, money, career, or just life itself have a strategy. Once I discovered that strategy everything changed. You see success is not just about hard work and confidence, it's about being competent. Having a strategy that works consistently. I will share with you the same strategy used by High Performers to achieve their goals.

Here is What You Will Discover

  • The Power of Using Focus

    You see, your life is a sum of all the things you have focused on. You will find out how focus works and how to use it to get what you want. To get something that is good for you and good for others around you.

  • Motivation vs Inspiration

    What’s the difference? A LOT!
    Learn the power of kick starting your actions using the motivation strategy and how to use inspiration for the lasting persistent pursuit of your goals.

  • Knowing your Roles

    Find out the importance of knowing your purpose and how it relates to your mission and eventually the goals you set. This key step in goal setting will set you up for success, and greater feeling of satisfaction of the journey to getting what you want.

Here is What You Will Get.

  • A Simple System

    Use the T.R.A.C.K. system to set your goals. This simple yet powerful system allows you to create a compelling, clear, well formed goal that is achievable and in align with your purpose and life missions.

  • Preformed Templates

    Use these amazing templates to create beautiful, posters that you can print and place throughout your life as constant reminders to help keep you on TRACK.

  • Ultimate Success Formula

    Use this amazing formula to keep you heading in the right direction and on TRACK with your goals. This powerful formula is used by high performers all around the world and was built into the technology that helps keep the space shuttle on TRACK.



Do you feel that even when you do decide what you want, that you lack the motivation and willpower to stay on track and go after it?


If you answered YES, this workshop is definitely for you!

Decide to take the first step, do something, attend to this workshop and start getting your life on TRACK.

How is this Goal Setting Strategy Different?

The power of this workshop is the T.R.A.C.K. Strategy.

This strategy was developed by Dr. Ben Carvosso and has been used by hundreds of clients and attendees of this workshop with success. You will feel truly connected with the goals that you set in the future. Gone will be the days of goals that were "shoulds". You know those things that you did because someone should on you or even worse you should on yourself.

This workshop will get you clear on what you really want and how to stay on TRACK to get it.

Leave the workshop with your first goal set using your new strategy.

This is not a workshop where you just sit and listen. During this workshop you will identify a goal that you want to achieve. Check-in to se if it's what you really want. Then using the T.R.A.C.K. strategy and the templates provided create a clear, well defined goal. A goal that you will achieve and get to celebrate in the future. Better still you will be able to take your templates (paper and electronic) home to set other goals now and into the future.

"If you don't decide where your life is going, someone else will...
Become the change you want to see in the world"

Dr. Ben Carvosso