Fat Nuking

Learn the mindset and the skills, to NUKE FAT from your body, FAST!

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Due to the extreme fat loss achieved by participants of this workshop it has been rated:

This workshop is more than just how to lose weight. Its about how to become FAT ADAPTED. How to train your body to be a fat burning machine. You see most Australians are not fat adapted they are carb adapted. This is because we follow the RIDICULOUS FOOD PYRAMID. In this workshop you will learn how to become fat adapted, causing you to move to your ideal weight, and more importantly gain energy. In this 5 min video above you will iunderstand how wrong many of us have got it when it comes to where we get our energy from, and find out how cool the Fat Nuking Workshop really is.

Would you like to find out a way that makes it simple for you to charge up your body, lose weight and become your best ever?

With our 5 simple keys to accelerated fat loss you will lose weight and gain energy, clarity, focus and vitality. There are no pills, shakes, supplements or amazon berries that were used in the space shuttle. Just simple easy to prepare, yummy to eat meals that you create to suit your taste. Your ability to do what it takes, to change your eating habits, will come easy as your mindset improves and you get clear on who you need and want to be.

Here is What You Will Discover

  • Electricity Power vs Diesel Power

    Sounds weird right! However most people are powering their body like an electrical powered car. A quick charge that gives a boost of energy, but its not sustainable. The key is to start powering yourself like a diesel engine. Put fuel in it that causes massive power that lasts. Thats how you become a high performer throughout the day, rather than a peak performer. You will discover how to do this easily.

  • That Fat Doesn't Make You Fat.

    I know you are thinking, WTF. Its true it’s not fat that is the problem causing weight gain and lethargy. It’s the type of fuel you are putting in your body. You will make a serious “WOW” sound as you learn the truth about fat and the role it plays in you not only being a high performer physically but also mentally.

  • A Way to Cause Your Body to REPAIR Itself

    This amazing ability of the body to repair is predicated on you behaving a certain way. You will learn about the incredible power that comes from within the body when you… Oh no, I’m not going to tell you the secret here, then you might not come to the workshop. I promise you though, this one simple strategy when applied can transform your health today and into the future.

Here is What You Will Get.

  • The WHY! You Will Be INSPIRED To Become a FAT NUKER.

    This is where it all starts. Why do it. Why change what you might have been doing for year. Something that has got you wherever your at for something that will require facing some challenges. You will if you choose connect with a deeper sense of what is important and understand the science and principles behind becoming fat adapted. A FAT NUKER!

  • The BE. You WILL Understand How You Need to BEHAVE.

    This is integral to you succeeding at becoming a fat nuke. Here we go through the strategies that will set you up for success. How you can achieve this transition as easily as possible and sustain it into the future.

  • The DO. What DO You Need to DO and How DO You DO it.

    This is the fun bit. This is when we give you the action steps and show you how to do what you need to do. This is how it works.

    Before the workshop…

    Dr. Ben arrives at a supermarket with no plan, and within 25min buys enough food to prepare 12 main meals and 7 breakfasts. All for…. Under $90.

    Then he goes home and prepares and cooks all the food within 90mins, and video’s himself doing it.

    You then get to see some of these meals cooked during the workshop and for those with premium tickets you get access to the Online Fat Nuking course with all the recipes.

    This is seriously the best thing ever to set you up to succeed.




How do I sustain the motivation, and know what to do when I get home, after the workshop?


Go to the links on this webpage and

All participants who book a premium ticket get online access to a video recording of the fat nuking workshop. Plus you get access to all the recipe video's. you can watch these on you iPad or iPhone whilst you cook in the kitchen. they are recorded in real time and all the recipe's take less than 15 min's preparation time.

There is no other workshop like this one. Seriously, if you are wanting to lose weight and gain energy this workshop is a must do for YOU!

How is this workshop special?

You get to see how its done.

Dr. Ben hates powerpoint presentations, but loves video. Thinks he is a movie star in the making. So everything he presents has been recorded for you to see during the workshop, but also PREMIUM ticket holders get exclusive access to all the course online including video's of all the recipe's.

You leave with the knowledge.

This is more than a good feeling workshop. You will leave feeling empowered with the knowledge of how it works, why it works and with a clear strategy on how to put it into action.

It is recommended that if you live with someone else that shares the food, preparation and eating that you book a ticket for them as well. This is key in setting you up for success.

"You arn't fat. You have fat."

Dr. Ben Carvosso