Body Lab Workshop

The 5 Keys to staying Well, Feeling fresh and avoiding sickness.

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  • Start your day feeling fresh and well rested.
  • Have more vitality and energy
  • Remain your ideal weight
  • Avoid dangerous drugs and surgery
  • Have less stress and more X

Did you know there was a spectrum to health? You see most people go through life wanting to avoid being sick, vs doing what it takes to stay well. Our current "health care system" in Australia is not a health care system but a sick care system. So what do you want? Not to be SICK or WELL?  This short clip will give you some insight into the BODY LAB Workshop, and importantly get you thinking about the idea of pursuing health, rather than avoiding sickness.

Do you ever wonder about your health and feel confused about what you could do for better body performance?

You body is amazing. It carries out billions of chemical reactions every second. With a lifestyle that recognises the importance of body chemistry you can increase your health and performance. In this very thought provoking workshop we will uncover the keys to a high performance body and true health. I warn you, it is a challenging workshop, however often we need to be challenged for things to change. Are you ready for change?

Here is What You Will Discover

  • Health vs Not Sick

    Very quickly we explore the difference between Health and Not Sick. And there is a BIG difference. For some this is a serious “ahha” moment as we start the process of getting you inspired to put you and your body first.

  • Genetics and Lifestyle Factors to Health

    A key component to being inspired to put body first is understanding the effect our lifestyle is having on our health and how our genetics play a big part in why so many Australians are Sick rather than Well.

  • Your Ability to Influence Your Daily Performance.

    This is cool! When you discover that you can influence how you feel and perform every day. That it can be simple to experience better health, real health. Wakeup feeling clean, fresh and charged for the day. Prevent yourself becoming one of the stats… 1/3 Australians will die of Cardiovascular Disease – Preventable with lifestyle change? 1/3 Australians will die of Cancer – Preventable with lifestyle change? The solution to this problem is not more drugs and surgery.

  • Why YOU Can Take Action!

    This workshop will leave you inspired to change for better health. I PROMISE! Importantly I believe however is the example we are all setting for others around us. Our partner, children, friends, work colleagues. You see I believe that as we raise our standards, so to will others around us. You can become part of the change to make our planet healthier. If not for yourself, do it for others.

Here is What You Will Get.

  • 4 Keys to Eating a Match For Your Genes

    This is one of the most exciting parts of the workshop. Here you learn what it means to live a genetically congruent lifestyle and how to choose your foods to match your genes. Sounds complicated, but its not. Its dead easy. There are just 4 keys to focus on, if you want to maximise body performance, and minimise the chance of chemical stress on your body, resulting in disease and sickness.

  • An Opportunity

    I truly believe that this workshop can create the opportunity for you to change not only your life but the lives of others around you. 19 years ago I discovered the information I share at this workshop and it has changed, not only my health but the health of my family. It was at a workshop just like this one (except the one I went to lasted a day) that my health changed for ever. I will give you the keys that I learnt, so you and your family have the best chance for a high performance life.

  • The Diet of The Most Successful People On The Planet

    I know that a big statement. But hear is the thing… There are people who are incredibly successful in life that seem to have extra-ordinary talents or skills. They get up early, stay up late, smile, laugh, create, inspire and change the lives of people who connect with them. Many of these people have something in common. The put BODY FIRST. They have learnt how to treat food as fuel, for maintaining the health and vitality of their body. They often have a strategy to looking after themselves, so that they can achieve all that they do. Would you want to know that strategy? I’ll share it with you.



Do you lack the motivation to change your eating habits? Would you like to make the right choices when you want to?


If you answered YES, this workshop is for you.

Over one hour, we will inspire and empower you to take control of your health again. You will understand the importance of the type of food you eat and its effect on your body. Importantly, you will learn the secret to living a life that is congruent with your genetics. Discover the keys to fuelling your body for high performance. This is not a workshop for those happy with a “so-so” life. If living life ON, is what you want, this workshop is a must.

How is this workshop special?

You will learn the frightening truth.

You see many of us remain ignorant to the truth about the health of the human race. In this workshop you will become truly connected with the importance of putting your BODY FIRST. I will use "away motivation" as you learn the serious state of sickness our country is in and make the decision that you don't want to join the que to disease, sickness, drugs and surgery.

MAKE CHANGE for a high performance body.

The second part of helping you get connected with BODY FIRST is "towards motivation". You will see how easy it is to create the body performance you want. How through some simple changes you can set yourself and your family up for health rather than sickness. You will leave excited and inspired, that is motivated from within to be an agent of change for you, your family and those around you.

"You are what you eat."

My Mum