The Turned On Life

The third of these lives is the…

Super, Turned On or Charged Life

This is the life that is not just out of the cage and into the zoo, this is a life that has moved onto the theme park. Its a life filled with passion, focus and energy. Its a life that is full of thrills, driven by a clear sense of purpose, thrills that come from fully engaging in life and its challenges.

Its a life where you feel alive. You wake before the alarm clock, swing your legs out of bed with a sense of excitement for what the day hold. This is not a life without fear, but a life where you embrace fear. This is not a life without the ups and downs that go with the roller-coaster ride of life, but a life in which you have certainty of self a sense of belonging and as a result keep moving forward.

In this life you are a person of inspiration to others a leader, someone who is attractive and as a result leave a legacy.

This is life at an elite level but a life that can be extraordinarily, ordinary. A life with a fulfilling career, a life with a passionate and enriching relationship. a life with vibrant health and vitality and a life worth living.

Is it time you got out of the cage, beyond the walls of the zoo and off on your adventure in your theme park?

As a coach my goal is to help my clients achieve what they want. If a turned on life is what you want then I can tell you it is possible.
The three keys to getting out, and into life are:

1. Have hope. Have vision of how your life is to turn out. Create a picture in your mind of how the “theme park” looks. If you were out of the cage and zoo what would life be like. Get clear on your ideal life.

2. Make a decision to change. become ferocously committed to change for the better. To do whatever it takes to find the door to the cage, the exit to the zoo and a lifetime pass to your theme park.

3. Take action. MOVE. Do something to start the process and don’t stop until you get there. Build a team around you to help get you there. Read good books. Listen and watch to the audio’s and video’s. Mix with people that lift you up, not hold you back. Get a mentor or a coach to challenge you, to push you to keep you on track.

What could you do today, right now to start your journey?

Life best lived ON!

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