The Trapped Life

Where we are on the Spectrum of life changes the quality of life.
We can make a decision about what kind of life we want to live.
There are three kinds of lives that people live on a daily basis this and the next 2 blogs will explore these lives, their effect and the choices you have to determine your life.

The first of these lives is the…

The Stuck, Trapped or Caged Life

Often people end up Trapped. Trapped because of the past, their circumstances, others expectations or from some limiting belief or fear.
Feeling like you cant break free, you feel like you don’t have time money health or emotional freedom.
The longer you spend in the trapped life the more we often blame others make excuses, our language changes from could to should, from want to to have to and from won’t to can’t. Eventually we believe that we have no choice, we are stuck in our current circumstances and that things will never change. This leads to feelings of helplessness and despair.

We have all seen animals caged. and we see them slowly over time become resigned to their “circumstances and eventually give up. Initially like animals, people they start start by getting angry and frustrated with the world outside their cage. You can see it in their behaviours and language. They blame the world for their circumstances and feel misunderstood, that the lucky ones outside of the cage are at fault for their situation. This starts to separate them even further from those outside the cage. The catch is that its the people outside the cage that they most want to be like. They want the freedom. Its the people outside of the cage that can give them the connection. The catch is that people suffering the trapped life over time build up a protection strategy which prevents them from connecting with others, so their life becomes all about them. That stay in ego, making them less likely to ask for help.
For the lucky ones they might have their cage rattled by a new event or experience that comes into their life that free’s them and allows them to get un-stuck and free from the trapped life. This external “force” that rattled their cage may only provide temporary freedom.

The ultimate and best way to stay free from the trapped life is for something to come out of us, rather that into our lives. This is a change, a change in thinking in beliefs in attitude. Its getting connected with your true purpose in life. Its about taking risk, having courage, making descisions.
Its understanding that you do have choice and taking responsibility for your life.
The beauty is that all cages have a door, its only ourselves that shut it and believed it was locked. There is always a way out.
A coach can help you find the door and start you on your journey outside the cage to a bigger and more fulfilling life.

So what is outside the cage and how do I get out?

Checkout my next blog called “Tepid Life” before you decide you just want out of the cage.

Life best lived ON!

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