The Tepid Life

The second of these lives is the…

So So, Tepid or Comfortable Life

This is the life just outside of the cage. Its almost like your out of the cage but still in the zoo. In the beginning this life feels good. Its different it feels freer.

Its a result of something rattling that cage that you were in that allowed you to see the door out, or it was because you went looking and found the door.

Either way it feels good to be out. Good stuff happens out in the so so life. Often you start to get the stuff that most people get and associate with a good life.

A nice relationship, a good job, nice house, cool car, catch-up with a few friends and the kids do ok at school. It all starts to sound sometimes literally like “Its all good”, “you know not bad”, “could be worse”, “yeh, nah, fine”, “things are good”, “not bad”, and “so so”. The tepid life. Just like tepid water, its neither hot nor cold it just is. And after while its feels like tepid water or even worse a tepid cup of tea.

One day you wake up and ask yourself is this it, is this all there is. Is this going to be the level of my life experience.

Again as coach this is often the sort of client I see. A client who’s life on the outside looks good. But on the inside he or she is dying. Their relationships are dying, there career is now just a job and their health in this stage often starts to slide.

So what is the solution, how do you get out of the cage and the zoo, and what is outside of that?

Checkout my next blog “Turned On” to decide whether you want out of the zoo, before I give you all the answers.

Life best lived ON!

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