Teen Coaching is designed to help teenagers thrive and develop positive life skills.
The program is comprised of methods and concepts delivered by a certified Life Coach, Dr Ben Carvosso (The Unstuck Doc). Teen Coaching goes beyond mentoring where just knowledge is delivered. Teen Coaching brings out the best in the Teen. The life skills that Teens learn in the present have an exponential impact on their future. Learning these skills helps Teens avoid common pitfalls and can drastically influence the upward trajectory of personal fulfilment and success.

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Book A Chat

Sometimes it's great to have a chat with me prior to having your child coached. It's an opportunity to share you concern's and desires and check-in that teen Coaching feels like a match. I would love to hear from you, and talk about your child.

Book a complimentary phone call with Dr Ben to discuss your interest in your son or daughter, having more life choices, and greater personal success and happiness.

How would it be if your child trusted themselves more?

We believe that every child has the ability to live THEIR ideal life. That given the right strategies, and a belief in themselves, they can achieve the extraordinary.

Using a mix of coaching and mentoring, our Teen Coaching Program will create more consistency, trust and self certainty in the Teen's mindset. This allows them to handle the uncertainty that comes from school, work, relationships, health and the transition from child, to teen, to adult.

Coaching is all about asking questions. The right questions, to help the teen discover their mission and direction, and rather than just being motivated, they become inspired  to perform at their best, enhancing their personal and academic potential.

Four Pillars of the Teen Coaching Program

  • PART I


    This is the core of what we do. You see changing mindset its not about “teaching” skills or strategies, its about having the mind make a shift. The way we achieve this is by using powerful questions, metaphors and stories to discover the talents and resources that are inside the Teen, that may not be, being used. Recognising that we are all individuals and on our own journey, means there is no “can planned” procedure to coaching and that each session will be catered to suit the individual. Its when we tap the potential in the Teen, amazing things happen. They realise they are responsible for their life, that they have choice and that life is the meaning we give it. Its all their choice. Powerful!



    In the first few sessions the program will focus on developing certainty of self. That is the Teen creating a sense of self worth and trust in themselves. It is this certainty that allows them to embrace the uncertainty that comes with the transition from child to adult. Importantly it sets them up to make better choices that lead to personal growth and life fulfilment later on.

    It is the ability to be “all good” no matter what, that creates a solid foundation to move forward in life. Not in an arrogant way, but in a way that separates the Teens happiness from being relent on other people or things. Instead those relationships become healthy.



    How do we help our Teens stay authentic?
    Unfortunately, throughout life sometimes we learn how to get our needs met in a way that doesn’t serve us, or the people we care about or the planet in general. Ever thought… “that’s not like me, I’m better than that!” Here the Teen discovers how needs, drive both their and others (parents) behaviours. The Teen becomes insightful and makes better choices that will fulfil their values and standards. Powerfully, it will free them to make better choices and live a life that is more of a reflection of the real them.



    Often we wait until all our duck are in align before we move. Success in life comes from making a decision and taking action (moving). A commitment and decision that has crystal clear clarity is key. More importantly though is making sure that what you think you want, is actually what you want. In this powerful session the Teen will discover the T.R.A.C.K. method of goal setting. They will get super clear on what they want, articulate it in a way that is compelling and aligned with your core values and compelling vision, so as its as good as done!

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Key Beliefs to Mindset Coaching

  • Solve problem within problem.

    Often the “problem” that a Teen arrives with is not the problem. we help them identify the problem that created the problem. This is very powerful and often freeing for our Teens as they realise the underling cause of the problem is within them and therefor they can also be the cause of resolving the problem.

  • Reconnect with misplaced resources.

    You see we believe that you Teens have all the resources they need to create an amazing life. Our job is to help them find and reconnect with them again. All that they need is within them, as their coach we don’t add anything that they don’t already have, we just support them in getting the cool stuff out.

  • Problem and Solution are within.

    Here’s the thing… If the problem is within them and the solution is within them all we have to do is bring out the awareness of both. The reason that we can’t see the solution ourselves if both are contained within the same person. As Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. As their coach we help them think with tomorrows mind set to solve todays problem. Very cool!

  • We respect others world. NO JUDGEMENT!

    Whilst we are here to push their buttons, we will always honour their world. You see we have no judgement around what they have done, or what they want to do. We are here to serve them. We will always first seek to understand their world. Respect is No.1 for us.

  • Confidentiality

    Everything that goes on within our Teen coaching relationship stays there. We operate in the “cone of silence”. Nobody, nobody, nobody gest to hear about what is talked about during their coaching sessions, in any form. We create a SAFE PLACE for them to share what is their current reality and importantly how they want it to be.

  • Playful & Fun

    Life can be fun! We create a playful environment that brings joy, excitement and laughter to the process of looking within and making change.

Who is Teen Coaching For...

  • Teen's who want to be coached. (CRITICAL).
  • Are Teenagers (13 - 19 years of age).
  • Teen's who want to be a high performer in LIFE.
  • Teen's who want to create beautiful relationships.
  • Teen's who want to achieve their highest possible score at school.
  • Teen's who want more consistencey, trust and self certainty in their life.


Who is Teen Coaching NOT For...

  • Teen's who DO NOT want to be coached.
  • Teen's who are not fully committed to the process.
  • Teen's who are not respectful of the coach and parents time.
  • Teen's who think they think they know it all.

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Hey Parents...


Are you interested in improving the current and future life of your Teenager?


Answered YES?

If you are a parent and you are looking at this webpage, obviously its yes!
So how do you know if sending your Teenager to The On Button will make the changes you want? You don't. In fact its not about the changes you want as a parent (sorry) its about the changes your Teenager wants. Its about getting them unstuck, connected with whats important to them and on with the life path they want.
At The On Button we will help guide your Teen through the process of change in a way that is good for them, but also good for others around them, including you, their Parent.

As your childs Parent you are always welcome to share your concerns with me (Dr Ben) however always remember that the conversation between your teenager and myself, remains confidential.

If your unsure what to do maybe start with a quick chat with Dr Ben to discuss your concerns, and interest in seeing your Teenage daughter or son, becoming the best version of them, for success, health and life happiness.

Book a Chat

Book A Chat

Sometimes it's great to have a chat with me prior to having your child coached. It's an opportunity to share you concern's and desires and check-in that teen Coaching feels like a match. I would love to hear from you, and talk about your child.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

How is our coaching special?

It's Bespoke.

Def. "Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes or usage of an individual purchaser."
Of course no two people are the same. All our coaching is tailored to your Teens needs, and the outcome they desire. Its not about what we want, what others want, our coaching is to get your Teen what HE or SHE wants. Every session is unique as your Teen moves and changes. It's exciting!

We push buttons.

For things to change, things must change. At the On Button we will be who ever we need to be and do whatever we need to do to get your Teen the result they want. If that means we need to push some buttons, we will. Our coaching is not designed for your Teen to have a great, warm fuzzy experience. Thats what friends are for. We have a job and thats to guide them on the journey of change. they will leave our sessions empowered, uplifted and challenged. What we like to call, TURNED ON!

"Many filmmakers portray teenagers as immoral and ignorant, with pursuits that are pretty base... But I haven't found that to be the case. I listen to kids. I respect them... Some of them are as bright as any of the adults I've met."

John Hughes
Producer Ferris Buellers Day Off

Interested in Talking to a Coach about your Teenager?

Book a complimentary phone call with Dr Ben to discuss your interest in your son or daughter, having more life choices, and greater personal success and happiness.

The call will take about 10-15mins and will allow you to share (confidentially) the reasons why you are investigation Mindset Coaching for your teenager.

Book a Chat

Book A Chat

Sometimes it's great to have a chat with me prior to having your child coached. It's an opportunity to share you concern's and desires and check-in that teen Coaching feels like a match. I would love to hear from you, and talk about your child.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


Ask as many questions as you like.
Lets find out if my Teen Coaching Program is a match for your Teenager.

Who Is Dr. Ben Carvosso?

Dr. Ben Carvosso is a High Performance Coach with 28 years experience.
Having started his personal development career at age 19, Dr. Ben has spent the last 28 years refining the art, of helping to bring out the best in individuals and teams. Using a variety of coaching methodologies and strategies he inspires people for their ideal life.

Dr. Ben started off in business purchasing a Health Centre at age 23.. He built that business up over 14 years to become one of australis’a largest Allied Health practice’s. About 12 years into his business career Ben also built a Radiology Company from scratch.

Dr. Ben now owns a company called The On Button. It provides bespoke health care across a range of services, including Chiropractic, Myotherapy, Natural Therapies as well as incorporating his High Performance Coaching business.

The High Performance Coaching arm of The On Button provides tailored Personal and Business Mindset Coaching for individuals, as well as Team coaching for small to medium sized businesses.

Being the farther of three teenage children, Dr Ben naturally has honed his skills in Coaching Teenagers at the coal face. Hence he is often sought out by his existing clients to assist in coaching their Teens as they transition into adulthood.

Dr Ben also provides keynote and workshop presentations, for medium to large businesses and corporates on the subject of High Performance. The diversity of subjects include all that goes with a High Performance life, from business, career, health, relationships, money, sales, influence, and importantly personal responsibility.
Dr. Ben travels Australia showing individuals, business owners and teams , how to implement, through simple and effective strategies a high performance mindset - creating wealth (an abundance of… ) in all aspects of an individuals and a businesses life.

He believes that an extraordinary life is available to you, but first you must become the change, that you want to see in the world.

You see, it’s all about you!

"Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands"

Anne Frank

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