Getting Unstuck DVD

Getting Unstuck DVD

How to free yourself from the midlife trap.

Discover the life you want, and recognize that NOW is the time for you to live your life. Now is the time to get out of “Stuck” and get “On” with the life you always dreamed.

This 80 min DVD will take you on a helicopter ride across how you, with some simple and easy to understand strategies, can get unstuck and free from the Mid-life Trap.

  • Understand your need to continue to grow
  • Realize its OK to take response-ability for your life
  • Learn the 3 keys to smashing out of the trap
  • Master the control of your emotions
  • Plus a BONUS – The Ultimate Success Formula

This DVD will help you get your “Mojo” back. Feel more powerful and more certain of your ability to live your life the way you want.
A great resource for you, and a potential place to start for someone you know, who is doing mid-life stuck.

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