Deciding your Future

Deciding Your Future before someone else does.

At my Life Coaching practice in MtEliza, it always amazes me how many of my clients are scared to sit down and decide their future. Deciding your future is so important. I often give my clients a simple exercise called “future diary”. All they have to do is PRETEND that they were on purpose, fulfilling mission, that they were on WHY. And by being on WHY they became the person they need to BE. Having become the person they need to be they started to DO the things they needed to DO. They then pretend that 10 years has past of them being on WHY, becoming the person they needed to be and doing the things they needed to do. What does their life look like. They then write a diary note of this ideal day. pretending that in 10yrs form now they are about to go to sleep, but before they do they are journaling this ideal day, writing a diary of this ideal day. Start deciding your future.
Simply what do they do that day, who do they mix with, what do they eat, how do they feel, think and act. They write this down as if it has just happened and they write it with as much sensations being described as possible. How things look, feel, sound, taste, and smell.
Sounds easy. Just make-up how you would like your life to be in 10years.
Many can’t (WONT) do it, they won’t even attempt it.
Without you deciding what you want in life, you are in effect going to let someone else decide for you. Me, your partner, boss, kids, family or just life will push and pull you in whatever direction they or it choses. Your life is your choice.
Embrace the fear of making the decision of how your life is going to turn out. create a compelling future. Have something that gets you out of bed in the morning, that drives you to keep becoming a better version of you. Find your passion and stay turned ON.
For more information on how to write a future diary send me an email and I’ll send you a worksheet to guild you through the process.

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